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10 + 1 reasons to study with us

At CIM (BVI), we have been offering high-quality education for decades. Here are 10 + 1 reasons why you should study with us:

1. Recognisability: we have been operating for over 20 years and have a presence in 50 countries
2. Network: join a community of over 10,000 students around the world, all of whom are in key positions in the business world
Flexible learning experiencewe take time to listen to your needs and in consultation with our expert academics we work out with you what's best for your individual circumstances
4. Choice of study mode: you can earn a degree from us either by studying at an Approved Tuition Centre or independently via Distance Learning
5. Freedom to enrol at any time in the year
6. Study at your own pace: all of our programmes have flexible deadlines, meaning that you can take your time and take exams only when you are ready
7. End-of-year certificates: your time with us counts as at the end of each year of all of our undergraduate programmes you are awarded a certificate
EU degree: earn a degree developed and controlled in the European Union without the cost of travel and living abroad
9. Financial flexibility: we have interest-free annual instalments and easy, charge-free ways of paying fees
10. Admission letter valid for 6 months: unlike other universities, we will issue you with an Admission Letter that is valid for 6 months, meaning that you have the time to apply for external scholarships and that you can start paying only when you are ready
Personal connection: at CIM (BVI) we will always treat you as an individual, not as a unit, and we will always have the time to listen to you and to facilitate your learning experience in all ways we can.


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