B.Sc. in Finance

Distance Learning (3 years)

Finance has never been more complex than it is today. It is now more important than ever to have an understanding of the theory and intuition behind the practice of financial decision-making, risk management and the behaviour of financial markets
Our Bachelor in Finance cultivates in students the ability to think analytically and to understand the fundamentals behind financial decisions. This knowledge is crucial for those who wish to progress to senior roles within financial institutions
This programme allows students to understand the concept of Finance, but also of Accounting, while also demonstrating the importance of Finance and Accounting to the growth and success of a company. By the end of the course, students are prepared to practice their profession as well-informed and effective financial managers.

Course Structure
Year 1
1. Marketing Management
2. Statistics
3. Business Law
4. Economics
5. Business English
6. Business Organisation

Year 2
1. Management Information Systems
2. Financial & Management Accounting
3. Information Technology
4. Human Resource Management
5. Cost & Management Accounting
6. Taxation
Year 3
1. Principles of Corporate Finance
2. Financial Management
3. Investment
4. Executive Skills
5. Managing Change
6. Project (6000 words)

One of our distinguishing features is that at the end of each year of our three-year Bachelor programmes, we award separate certificates: at the end of the first year a Diploma; at the end of the second year an Advanced Diploma; and, finally, at the end of the third year, a Bachelor certificate. This offers students more flexibility and the freedom to start a degree without committing to the entire length of the course. 

On completion of Year 1, successful students will be awarded the Diploma in Marketing Management.
On completion of Year 2, successful students will be awarded the Advanced Diploma in Finance.
Finally, upon completion of Year 3, successful students will be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Finance.

Entry Requirements
Entry requirements are flexible and vary, but we generally demand:

For entry into Year 1 (Diploma):
(a) Secondary School Leaving Certificate with a good mark
(b) 5 GCSEs and 2 AS/A2s
(c) the equivalent in your country of education
(d) Foundation Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing or from another internationally recognised professional body

(e) proof of good use of English (IELTS/TOEFL/GCSE or equivalent)

For entry into Year 2 (Advanced Diploma): 
(a) Diploma in Marketing Management from CIM (BVI);
(c) Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing or from another internationally recognised professional body;
(d) 40 transfer credits from an internationally accredited university in a relevant field

For entry into Year 3 (B.Sc.):
(a) Advanced Diploma from CIM (BVI);
(c) 120 ECTS from an internationally accredited university in a relevant field;
(d) Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing or equal Diploma from an internationally recognised professional body
(e) Membership of the UK Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Bankers, the Chartered Insurance Institute, or any such internationall recognised professional body

We welcome applications for exemptions on a subject-to-subject basis and based on evidence of credentials from recognised Institutions. The maximum number of exemptions allowed is 12 (2 years). Students interested in applying to exempted from modules must complete the appropriate Exemption Form (AEX 60) and submit it to the Admissions Office for consideration with all their credentials and the appropriate exemption fees.

The decision of the Board regarding admissions will be final. No reason for acceptance or rejection will be given to candidates or to anyone else. CIM (BVI) reserves the right to vary its admission criteria from time to time. The Academic Registrar is responsible for the interpretation of the admission criteria and may impose other conditions to be satisfied before admission.

Commencement of Course
Students may apply for admission and start their studies anytime in the year.

This will vary depending which year you are admitted in, but for the full B.Sc. the minimum period is 36 months.

Examination Dates
Exams are held at approved Overseas Centres EVERY JUNE and JANUARY. Students wishing to enter for the examinations must complete an examination entry form (EEF79) and send it to the Institute at least by 30th November for the January Examination session and 30th April for the June Examination session.

Teaching Language


**Please note that the Institute reserves the right to change the fees, syllabus and regulations at any time. Students re-sitting or re-taking a course or changing their centre of study assume full risk of such changes and of any additional fees applicable at the time.

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Top-Up Arrangement

Our Institute offers a different route to the BSc in Finance. Holders of professional diplomas - such as from ACCA, ICAEW, and PGDPA holders from ICPAP - are eligible for exemptions from all subjects of the CIM (BVI) BSc in Finance on the basis of submitting an up to standard 6,000-word dissertation.

In order to be admitted to the Bachelor Top-up Program offered you will need to:

  1. Submit application form with the copies of academic/professional credentials and an Application Fee. Once your application is evaluated and approved, we will proceed with issuing an Admission Letter.

  2. Upon receipt of a Registration fee, your ID card and Dissertation Manual with be dispatched.

  3. Within 3 months of registration, students should submit a Dissertation proposal for approval. Once the Dissertation proposal is approved, you will have to submit the Dissertation within 9 months, along with the remaining fees.

  4. Should the Dissertation be deemed at a satisfactory level (i.e. above 50%), you will be awarded with the Bachelor and Transcript.

  5. If you fail to meet the conditions to pass your Dissertation, you will have to improve your work and resubmit it (paying a resubmission fee).

 For further details and for information about the fees, please contact us at info@cimabvi.com

Note: Students who successfully complete their Degree may apply (See ODAT.147 Form) to have their Certificate and/or Transcript attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Cyprus upon submitting the required fee.

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