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University of West London

The University of West London is a British University with sites in Ealing and Brentford and an educational hub in Berkshire. It traces its roots back to 1860, when teaching began on its Ealing site and until 1st May 2011 it was named Thames Valley University. The University of West London is one of the UK’s most diverse and exciting universities. It was named No. 1 modern university in London by The Guardian in 2017 and is London’s best performing multi-faculty university for employability (97% within 6 months of graduating).

Holders of Bachelor degrees from The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (BVI) are welcome to apply for Master courses at the University of West London. 

For more information, please contact us or visit the UWL website

European University

European University (EU) is one of the world's top business schools, recognised for the excellence of its students and faculty members. EU has campuses in London, Munich and Montreux. Over the past 35 years, EU has developed a business education that delivers high quality teaching, a competitive learning environment and a network of several campuses in different countries. This broad network encourages students to participate in inter-campus exchanges in the following countries: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Austria, Kazakhstan, Syria, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, Taiwan and China.  EU offers traditional Bachelor and Master of Business Administration (BBA & MBA) programmes, while it also allows its students the possibility to specialise in ten different fields of management education, such as, for example, Communication and Public Relations, Information Systems Management, Wealth Management and Global Banking & Finance.
CIM (BVI) students are welcome to continue for further studies (Masters or PhD) in any of EU’s campuses.
Contact us for more information or visit the EU website

European Distance and E-learning Network

The European Distance and E-learning Network (EDEN) shares knowledge and improves understanding for professionals in distance and e-learning education across the whole of Europe and beyond. EDEN is for all those concerned with distance and e-learning in all sectors and phases of education and training. With more than 1100 individual members and 194 institutional members, EDEN holds annual conferences attracting more than 550 participants each year. Moreover, EDEN holds additional conferences on research and on the schools sector every two years and has launched and supports the European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, which provides support and advice for a range of projects in the European sphere.
Contact us for more information or visit the EDEN website


European Association for Distance Learning

The European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), formerly the Association of European Correspondence Schools, is an international organisation consisting of schools, institutions and individuals working in the field of distance education. 

EADL aims to improve the quality and acceptance of distance learning to ensure the maximum benefit for students. EADL provides its members with a forum for open discussion of all issues related to distance learning and for sharing ideas and good practice. It works to maximise the contribution that market-based distance learning can make to enhancing the skills and achievements of the people of Europe. EADL promotes learning, wherever and however it occurs. It supports and promotes the use of all media to facilitate and enhance the learning process, and to increase its geographical and societal spread.

We are proud to be members of EADL. For more information please contact us or visit
Training Qualifications UK (TQUK)

TQUK is the fastest growing Awarding Organisation across the UK. It provides qualifications that meet the needs of learners and employers around the world. TQUK has over 200 centres worldwide and has helped shape the career of over 60,000 learners across 50 countries. CIM (BVI) is a TQUK recognised centre and is approved to offer TQUK's regulated qualifications. More, TQUK endorses the programmes offered by CIM (BVI).

Please contact us for more information or visit the TQUK website

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP) was established in August 1992 to offer professional training in Accounting & Finance, in accordance with the IAS/IFRS and relevant Pakistani corporate laws. ICPAP students have to undergo comprehensive stages of education and professional training. The qualified members are entitled to use the designatory letters of ACPA and FCPA with their names, after clearing all the examination papers of the CPA programme and attaining the minimum stipulated period of training/experience.
The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP) is an autonomous institution and not affiliated to any University, nor is it a University under the UGC/HEC Act. The ICPAP and its constituents do not confer any degrees at either Bachelors or Masters levels (as defined in the UGC/HEC Act).
CIM (BVI) offers the opportunity to ICPAP members to gain an MBA through a top-up arrangement.

Please contact us for more information or visit the ICPAP website

DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor

The DOBA Faculty of Applied Business and Social Studies Maribor is a modern business school dedicated to the development of innovative individuals and e-learning located in Slovenia. Their high-quality study programmes follow the standards and requirements of the contemporary European and global business environment. Flexible study paths and distance learning address the needs of students and enable an individualised approach in teaching and learning. The e-learning strategy at DOBA Faculty aims to enhance the development and virtualisation of distance learning to enable better access to and flexibility of study programmes via the use of innovative ICT based pedagogical approaches, new media and technologies.
CIM (BVI) is a proud partner of DOBA. For more information please contact us or visit the DOBA website


Confederation of International Accreditation Commission

Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC) is an international, non-governmental, private, self-financed educational quality assurance and accrediting body. CIAC has expanded its reach all across the globe with offices in USA, Canada and other international chapters and representative offices. CIAC has established high standards of excellence and quality assurance. It accredits and assists private institutes, vocational colleges, theological schools, seminaries, universities, colleges and programs throughout the world. 
CIM (BVI) is accredited by CIAC. Please contact us for more information or visit the CIAC website

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) is a public university committed to excellence in research and research-led teaching. It is a place where faculty and students work together, and its objective is to promote education and the autonomy of the individual through academic study, as part of a modern and open knowledge society. WU makes contributions to future-oriented thinking, responsibility in business and economics, and the development of solutions to economic, social, and ecological problems.

The WU is one of Europe's biggest, most modern Universities of Economic Sciences. Its high quality standards in research and education are approved by international quality seals. With just under 23.000 students originating from 110 countries, the WU is the biggest place for education in economic and social sciences.

CIM (BVI) students are welcome to apply for further studies at WU Vienna University.

For more information please contact or visit WU’s website

  European Representative Office
P. O. Box 25288
Nicosia 1308, Cyprus


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