M.Sc in Strategic Management

Distance Learning (1 year)


The CIM (BVI) Distance-Learning M.Sc. in Strategic Management teaches Management as an integrating activity that relates to the organisation as a whole, rather than as something relevant to one part of a company or as serving only one function.

The course recognises that management practices are no longer confined to national borders but are instead spread over a global scene. This home-study M.Sc. puts great emphasis on the dominance of new technologies, especially e-business, recognising how Management must now always take notice of technological advances.

You will receive a broad and thorough training in the kinds of problem solving that equip you for decision-making responsibilities in the business world. The CIM (BVI) M.Sc in Strategic Management has been developed in association with international corporations, ensuring that it will teach you skills that are applicable in shifting contexts. It is intended for both active managers and recent graduates interested in advanced studies. 

More specifically, you should expect to develop the following:

- Basic analytical skills for management, including fundamental concepts and principles from various management disciplines and the use and applications of these skills;
- In-depth knowledge across a broad range of management contexts;
- Skills in using management tools in an imaginative, orderly, problem-solving capacity by first identifying problems, then analysing alternative solutions, and, finally, implementing the chosen solutions;
- The ability to make and carry out decisions;
- Effective communication skills with others, in writing and in person.
- A sound basis for continuous learning from experience.
- A recognition of the overall economic, political and social environment in which the manager lives and works.


Course Structure

The M.Sc in Strategic Management consists of the following subjects:


As well as the above subjects, your will be required to complete a thesis of 10,000 words on a relevant topic, to be decided in consultation with your Tutor. A student not submitting an up-to-standard thesis will not be awarded the M.Sc. 

The thesis must be on a topic agreed with your Tutor and should have a research bias. Students are expected to begin working on the thesis after their exams. A thesis proposal must be submitted to the Tutor long before the end of the programme on a special form provided by the Institute. Rules and Regulations for the preparation of the thesis are also provided to the student by the Institute. 

The pass mark is 50% and your performance will be indicated on the Transcript. If the Thesis is not of an acceptable standard and you have to re-submit, then you must pay an extra 85 Euros. Students are only allowed to re-submit once.

Entry Requirements
Entry requirements are flexible and vary, but normally we require a good undergraduate degree from an internationally-recognised University. Members of UK Chartered Bodies are also welcome into the programme. Applicants without the above qualifications may also be considered, provided that they held a managerial position for at least ten years.

Commencement of course
Students may apply for admission and start their studies anytime in the year.

Minimum period: 12 months
Maximum period: 36 months


Examination Dates
Exams are held at approved Overseas Centres every JUNE and JANUARY. Students wishing to enter for the examinations MUST complete an examination entry form (EEF79) and send it to the Institute at least by 30th November for the January Examination session and 30th April for the June Examination session.

Teaching language

**Please note that the Institute reserves the right to change the fees, syllabus and regulations at any time. Students re-sitting or re-taking a course or changing their centre of study assume full risk of such changes and of any additional fees applicable at the time.

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