Academic Excellence Scholarships

CIM (BVI) recognises academic excellence and offers scholarships to those with outstanding academic record.

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships cover only a proportion of the programme fees (usually 10-30%) and are of one year duration. Undergraduate students are eligible to have their scholarship renewed (upon review of their performance). For Postgraduate students, Academic Excellence scholarships cover the programme fees for the entire programme and are not renewable.
  • Academic Excellence scholarships cover only the programme fees; all other fees (such as examination fees) must be borne by the student.
  • Applications for scholarships must be made together with the application form and, in any case, within TWO WEEKS of sending the application form.
  • To be eligible for consideration, a candidate must pay the application fee. This fee is non-refundable. All other fees, including application fee, must be fully paid.
 Application for Academic Excellence Scholarship


Pay your application fee here

If you have already completed and submitted your application form, you can pay the application fee below.

To complete your application, please proceed to pay the application fee easily and securely through PayPal. 

Undergraduate application fee

Postgraduate application fee


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CIM (BVI) employs all reasonable administrative, technical, and physical measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of data and information.


Distance Learning Fees

CIM (BVI) distance learning education makes every effort to maintain the lowest possible fees for our students.

Please note that, beginning 1 October 2018, CIM (BVI) is no longer accepting payments in GBP. All payments must be made in EURO. 
EURO                 2018 2019
Distance-Learning Foundation Certificate - 1 year  1450 1450
Distance-Learning Diplomas – 1 year  1450 1450
Distance-Learning Advanced Diplomas – 1 year     1800 1800
Distance-Learning Bachelor Degrees – 1 year    2100 2100
Distance-Learning Postgraduate Diploma – 1 year 2500 2500
Distance-Learning MBAs – 1 year 4000** 4000**
Distance-Learning MSc Programmes  1 year 4000 4000
Distance-Learning LLMs  1 year 4000 4000

** NOTE: The MBA fees quoted above cover study materials for 3 compulsory and 4 elective subjects. In case it is decided (after consultation with the student) that additional subjects should be added to the course, any additional subjects will be charged at 300 Euro per subject.

The fees listed above include:
a) Registration
b) Issuing of ID card
c) Issuing of Transcript
d) Issuing of Award Certificate
e) Books, assignments and (where applicable) lecture notes

The fees listed above do not include:
a) Application fees
b) Exemption fees (where applicable)
c) Examination fees and Examination Centre costs
d) Thesis supervision fee (where applicable)

Analytical Template with Fees (2020)

 Distance Learning Fees - EURO

Payments can be made either through paypal, free of charges, or via bank transfer (where charges may apply). 

Local Tuition Centres Fees (2020)

Fees for CIM (BVI) courses vary from centre to centre and they are set at the discretion of each centre - but always with the approval of CIM (BVI). All other fees (application fee, examination fees, registration fee, etc.) are as below:

 Local Centres Fees - EURO
Please contact us if you would like to become a CIM (BVI) tuition centre or fill in the form below and return it to us:

 Application Form for Prospective Tuition Centres

Refund policy

The application fee is strictly non-refundable. Students are entitled to a 90% refund of any fees within 30 days from their enrolment. After the 30-day period is over, no refund is available.
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