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The objective of the Financial Aid Program at CIM (BVI):

CIM (BVI) operates a Financial Aid Program that aims to provide financial assistance to students who are in need of financial aid. The funds for Financial Aid are limited, however, and can only be of supplementary assistance. Students are still expected to finance their education for the most part.
CIM (BVI) has established procedures and practices which assure fair and consistent treatment for all students.
CIM (BVI) offers Financial Aid in the form of partial scholarships (10-30%) based on:
· Academic Excellence Scholarships OR
· Professional Excellence AND
· Applicant’s financial conditions

 Application for Partial Scholarship


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CIM (BVI) employs all reasonable administrative, technical, and physical measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of data and information.

Distance-Learning Fees

CIM (BVI) Distance-Learning Education makes every effort to maintain the lowest possible fees for our students.
GBP 2017 2018
Distance-Learning Foundation Certificate - 1 year 1150 1150
Distance-Learning Diplomas – 1 year  1150 1150
Distance-Learning Advanced Diplomas – 1 year     1450 1450
Distance-Learning Bachelor Degrees – 1 year    1800 1800
Distance-Learning Postgraduate Diploma – 1 year 2200 2200
Distance-Learning MBA – 1 year 3500** 3500**
Distance-Learning M.Sc. in Strategic Management  1 year 3500 3500
Distance-Learning LL.M  1 year 3500 3500
Distance-Learning Ph.D  3 years 4800 p.a. 4800 p.a.
EURO                 2017 2018
Distance-Learning Foundation Certificate - 1 year  1450 1450
Distance-Learning Diplomas – 1 year  1450 1450
Distance-Learning Advanced Diplomas – 1 year     1800 1800
Distance-Learning Bachelor Degrees – 1 year    2100 2100
Distance-Learning Postgraduate Diploma – 1 year 2500 2500
Distance-Learning MBA – 1 year 4000** 4000**
Distance-Learning M.Sc. in Strategic Management  1 year 4000 4000
Distance-Learning LL.M  1 year 4000 4000
Distance-Learning Ph.D  3 years 5800 p.a. 5800 p.a.

** NOTE: The MBA fees quoted above cover study materials for 3 compulsory and 4 elective subjects. In case the Admissions Office decides that the student’s background is not relevant and coherent to the MBA programme, and that therefore additional subjects should be added to his/her curriculum (a maximum of three), then these subjects will be added at a cost of 250 GBP/300 Euro per subject.

The fees listed above include:
a) Registration
b) Issuing of ID card
c) Issuing of Transcript
d) Issuing of Award Certificate
e) Books, assignments and (where applicable) lecture notes

The fees listed above do not include:
a) Application fees
b) Exemption fees (where applicable)
c) Examination fees and Examination Centre costs
d) Thesis supervision fee (where applicable)

Analytical Template with Fees (2018)
 Distance Learning Fees - GBP
 Distance Learning Fees - EURO

Payments can be made either through paypal, free of charges, or via bank transfer (where charges may apply). 

Important Note
It has been reported that fraudsters make false pretences and deceive prospective students by receiving Tuition Fees on behalf of the Institute through scam Bank Accounts. The only legal bank account that the Institute holds is with HELLENIC BANK, CYPRUS.

Local Tuition Centres Fees (2018)

Fees for CIM (BVI) courses vary from Centre to Centre and they are set at the discretion of each Centre - but always with the approval of CIM (BVI). All other fees (Application fee, Examination fees, Registration Fee, etc.) are as below:

 Local Centres Fees - GBP
 Local Centres Fees - EURO
Please contact us if you would like to become a CIM (BVI) Local Tuition Centre or fill in the form below and return it to us:

 Application Form for Prospective Local Tuition Centres
  European Representative Office
P. O. Box 25288
Nicosia 1308, Cyprus


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