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I hereby declare that the information submitted on this application is true to the best of my knowledge
Further, that CIM (BVI) will hold my personal information and my personal information will be retained by CIM (BVI) for a reasonable amount of time (not longer than 3 years) and that my personal data will be used for a variety of purposes that CIM (BVI) considers to be of benefit to students including (but not restricted to) monitoring academic performance, statistical reporting, awarding qualifications and provision of services. CIM (BVI) will treat all information provided securely and in confidentiality.
Further, I understand that the status of recognition of CIM (BVI) diplomas/degrees may vary from country to country and that it is my sole responsibility to enquire about the recognition status of the diploma/degree for which I am applying
Further, I agree that, if for any reason it is proved in the future, either during the duration of my studies at CIM (BVI) or after the completion of my studies, that the information with regards to the recognition of the said programme is proved to be mistaken and/or the information given to me by an authority or body was a result of negligence and/or omission, I I will not have any claim against CIM (BVI)
Finally, I declare that I was informed by CIM (BVI), prior my enrolment, that I am entitled to a 90% refund of my application fee within 30 days from my enrolment and that after the 30 days period is over, no refund will be available should I decide not to pursue the course
By accepting the above terms and conditions, I understand that I form a legally binding agreement

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  European Representative Office
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