3 Top Travel Trends Marketers Need To Keep An Eye On In 2020

10 Feb 2020

Our blogger, Chrissy Jones, discusses three marketable travel-related trends. Read on and keep in mind for 2020!

The Underbanked: A Tremendous Growth Area for Fintech

13 Jan 2020

Millions of people around the world are either underbanked or entirely unbanked. Chrissy Jones shares some thoughts about how banks and fintech companies can appeal to the unbanked and underbanked.

How to Market to Cyprus Car Buyers

02 Jan 2020

Chrissy Jones shares some ideas about how to market to car buyers.

Marketing Strategies For Better Online Reviews For A Catering Company

10 Nov 2019

How can professional marketers ensure their clients build a strong reputation? Our blogger Chrissy Jones considers marketing strategies from the catering industry. Read on!

Should CO2 emitting businesses pay more tax when oil prices go up?

22 Sept 2019

CIM Research Fellow, Dr Stylia Krokida, and Dr Demetris Tsouknides, Assistant Professor at University of Peiraeus and External Examiner for CIM, share their thoughts on a very topical issue

Conscientious Marketing: Appealing to Consumers in a Commodity Market

02 Sept 2019

Our blogger Ms Crissy Jones shares insights about developing intuitive strategies for marketing commodities. Interested? Read on!

How Smart Technology is Changing Real Estate Marketing

30 Jul 2019

Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, returns with a fascinating piece on how technology is changing real estate...

Are Drones the Next Big Green Tech Investment?

14 Jun 2019

A new blog from CIM (BVI) on green techonology that everyone should read!

Essential Marketing Tips For Luxury Brands

20 lst_May 2019

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones is back with a piece on the luxury retail sector. Read on!

How to Keep Track of Your Competitor’s Online Marketing Strategy

01 Apr 2019

Our blogger Ms Chrissy Jones is back with some life-saving tips on how to keep up with competition. Read on!

Digital Nomads are Redefining What a Career in Marketing Looks Like

28 Feb 2019

Do we live in the age of digital nomads? Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, is back with an insightful piece - read on! 

2019 Will Demand New Marketing Tricks From Financial Services

14 Jan 2019

Our guest editor, Chrissy Jones, is back with an exciting new piece on what 2019 might hold for marketers pushing financial services products. Read on! 

Establishing a Solid Social Media Presence for Your Brand

14 Dec 2018

Chrissy Jones is back with another interesting blog, this time on how brands can establish a strong and lasting social media presence. Read on!

Incorporating Art and Colour To Improve Marketing Success

13 Nov 2018

Our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, is back with an article that will be of interest to all students of marketing on how colour impacts advertising.

How To Ensure a Marketing Job Is Legit and Not a Scam

03 Sept 2018

This month, our guest editor, Ms Chrissy Jones, has some hard-earned advice to share: how to make sure your marketing job is not a scam? 

Breaking into Business Marketing

18 Jun 2018

Our guest editor for this instalment is Ms Chrissy Young, who here offers some practical advice on how to break into Business Marketing. 

How Remote Workers are Revolutionising the Marketing Industry

11 lst_May 2018

Our guest blogger, Chrissy Jones, explains how remote workers are revolutionising the marketing industry. Read on to find out what the future might hold.

How to Make Friday Your Most Productive Day

27 Apr 2018

Our guest blogger this week is Chrissy Jones, who has some essential advice on a question that has troubled everyone since thebeginning of time: how to make Fridays productive! 


30 Mar 2018

Our guest blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, challenges us to... STOP! 

Mind the Gap: Academic Theories versus Industrial Reality

16 Mar 2018

Our guest blogger this week is Dr Fotis Pavlou, HR expert and established researcher and lecturer. In this post, he debates the merits of combining theory and practice in academia. 

Can we go back to reality now?

05 Feb 2018

Our inhouse blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, considerd the perils of relying on technology too much, and pleads: Please, help me touch reality again (Large Reward Offered!)

What do you mean ‘it sucks’?

15 Nov 2017

Our blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, suggests a few ways to ensure that you company does not...suck!

Making Lemonade

23 Oct 2017

When life gave lemons to our guest editor, Mr Brian Saunders, he decided to make lemonade!

Mind the gap

02 Oct 2017

Our guest blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, is feeling very...uninspired today

Taking me on

18 Sept 2017

Our guest editor, Mr Brian Saunders, has took up the take himself on

What we can learn from turtles

23 Aug 2017

Our guest editor, Mr Brian Saunders, went swimming in the beautiful sea of Cyprus…and came back with this

Where are the remains of your breakfast?

03 Aug 2017

Our guest editor, Brian Saunders, talks about a small change he made in his daily routine...and how small changes can make a large impact on our lives...

Turn Blame into Responsibility

11 Jul 2017

When things go badly, successful managers need to look first at themselves and then at others. Our guest blogger, Mr Brian Saunders, muses on how to turn blame into responsibility and so become more accountable - ultimate, more succesful.

‘FRAPPE’…….Your Guide to Choosing an Online Course

14 Jun 2017

CIM (BVI) does not offer any short-term online courses; instead, we award world-class university-level EU degrees. But we get many enquiries every day from individuals seeking to do short online courses, so here’s some advice to take into account when choosing an online course.

Where are you right now?

27 lst_May 2017

Some reflections on business - and life! 

Studying to Music

09 lst_May 2017

Do you study with music on? Or do you prefer the sound of silence? The blog post below considers the pleasures and pitfalls of studying with music. 

The key to success: Time Management

06 Mar 2017

Whether you are in your first year of studies or your last, time management is an essential skill that if you haven’t already developed-you must.

Why February, the shortest month, is also the hardest when studying.

10 Feb 2017

While February may be famous as the month of the leap year and of Valentine’s Day, it is just as infamous for being one of the most difficult months to study.

Why Distance Learning Works for so many of us

23 Jan 2017

Online learning may be a relatively new concept, but studying remotely has actually been around since 1892. 

3 ways to keep you focused after winter holidays

12 Jan 2017

​Now that the winter holidays are over, it is time for all of us to get back into gear. 

Striving for quality, not quantity.

29 Dec 2016

The idea of quality over quantity is applicable to many situations in life, and also when it comes to learning

Ace your final exams with the Pomodoro method!

16 Dec 2016

With CIM (BVI) examinations coming up in January, we could all use a tip on how to do our best at exams.

Finding Work-Study Balance

24 Nov 2016

​Balancing work and distance-learning studies is by no means an easy feat.  

Studying Online: Your Student Guide

02 Sept 2015

Studying online is currently one of the most popular higher education alternatives and has proved itself to be just as effective as classroom education.

7 Tips On Being A Successful College Student

14 Jul 2015

Trying to define what makes one student more successful than another is a rather difficult task.  Success can be attributed to a number of factors; hard work, perseverance, stamina, high intellect, diet (yes, diet) and sometimes, even pure luck.

Why MBAs Bring Innovation and Critical Thinking to Companies

04 Jun 2015

When a complex problem arises, companies rely on proactive thinkers to solve them. MBA graduates are given a set of skills that maximize problem solving from all angles.

Top 5 Strategies for Successful Online Study

03 Jun 2015

More and more people are finding that the flexibility and convenience of studying online is hugely beneficial to their hectic lifestyles and personal life goals.

Why CIM (BVI) the right choice for you?

14 Apr 2015

The CIM (BVI) Distance Education is an ideal business school with a global reach for those who wish to pursue a rich business career. As proof of the first-rate learning that students have access to, the institute boasts a remarkable 10,000 alumni who are placed in managerial positions across different sectors worldwide. As a matter of fact, the school has students from more than 50 countries undertaking various business courses.

Part–Time Distance Learning MBAs

10 Apr 2015

A good education is widely accepted as one of the main fundamentals needed for a succesful career in business.

Looking into getting an MBA? Is an MBA what you really need?

25 Mar 2015

An MBA degree is considered one of the most prestigious degrees in the business world and looking into getting one for yourself could end up being one of the best choices you have made for many years to come.

6 Reasons why you’re Benefiting from Online Learning

17 Mar 2015

The biggest challenges facing most people today are lack of time, flexibility and the cost of tertiary or professional education.

Home Study, Distance-Learning Education Is Taking Over The World

12 Feb 2015

Undoubtedly, the Internet will always remain an idyll that the world will never stop to remember and appreciate. It has broken down language barriers, country boundaries, and learning methods. Today, learning at home is not only possible but highly advisable because the World Wide Web gives students resources that otherwise are not available as fast as the time it takes when a student turns on his or her personal computer. The era of Internet has changed education forever.

Distance Learning – Blending Learning with Convenience.

08 Jan 2015

Distance Education allows students to study most or the entire course without attending a campus-based institution or a traditional form of classroom.

Thinking College After 30? You Are Not Alone

08 Apr 2014

If a college degree is one of the things you wanted to ‘get hold of’ as you were growing up, then surely you were expecting it to happen before you reach the age of thirty.
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